BioShock comes to Brighton Beach

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To promote BioShock 2, 2K Games recently circulated a letter purportedly written by one Mark Meltzer – a potential new in-game character who is in search of his lost daughter – requesting that people travel to one of ten listed beaches at dawn on Saturday, August 8th (today). Locations included Bondi Beach in Australia, Jones Beach in New York, various European beaches, and good ol’ Brighton Beach here in England.

With the promise of a BioShock-infused mystery (I was hoping for a Big Daddy to emerge from the sea – no such luck) I couldn’t resist the urge to head down and take a look for myself, despite the rather early 5:30 AM time slot. What did I (and forty-or-so other people that I counted) get in return? An Arcadia-labeled bottle stuffed with three posters. You can check out some pictures below:

(Hover over a thumbnail for its description, click for the full image.)

Kudos to 2K Games for organizing such a novel way to promote an upcoming game, even if the misleading coordinates did result in an hour of aimless wandering about for almost everyone involved.

  1. Ashley
    | Reply

    Nice pictures. I was there (second man in from the right of the third picture, face hidden by another guy’s head). I was more than annoyed by the fact that the bottles were placed in the wrong location. Rather than go by the GPS coordinates given, which would be about 90 metres to the East of the Brighton Pier, they were placed to the east of the derelict West pier. I guess no one told the organisers that Brighton actually has two piers. The result was a lot of people standing around aimlessly at the correct GPS coordinates while the whole thing awaited discovery down the coast.

    I was also quite irritated by the kid in the picture above. There were, at a glace, 40 or so bottles on the beach. And there were a good 50 to 60 people at one point. And yet the child decided to hoarde about eight? Presumably to take back to his friends, who apparantly didn’t head out to the beach at silly o’clock like everyone else did. I just hope his greed did not result in people going home empty handed.

    But still, the bottles are neat. The posters are well printed and certainly worth keeping in good condition. So it’s not all bad.

  2. Karn Bianco
    | Reply


    I almost skipped the whole thing after being unable to convince anyone else to trek down with me at five in the morning for something so vague. If I didn’t live so nearby I almost certainly would’ve given it a miss.

    Glad I did bite the bullet in the end, though – the bottle and posters are indeed pretty swish. Hopefully everyone that attended managed to take something home after (presumably) losing a night’s sleep in payment.

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