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Prior to my Dear Rare post I hadn’t published a new blog post in nearly three years. I’ve been updating my portfolio intermittently but I’ve been meaning to breathe some new life into this site for a while. And now feels like the time! A couple of weeks ago I excitedly revealed that I’ve started working on Yooka-Laylee over at Playtonic. Upon joining I answered a few questions about why I wanted to get involved, what’s so exciting about Yooka-Laylee, and all that good stuff. You can read all those words here.

Alongside a shiny new job I decided it was time to give this site a lick of shiny new paint as well. So I treated myself to a nice, clean new design from Kadence Themes, which I can heartily recommend. I went for the ‘Virtue’ theme, which not only looks great, but also comes with a huge load of customisation options. I spent days tweaking this layout, but it looks great out of the box too. And it auto-magically adjusts to work on mobiles and tablets.

And as if all that weren’t enough I also decided to replace my old “programmer art” logo and ask a legit artist to create something for me. Thankfully the super talented Helen Simm (aka Helenasia) agreed to lend her expertise to the task. She makes lots of awesome things – many of which involve cats – that you should check out and possibly purchase for yourself. Anyway, I sent over a list of ideas – noting my affection for trees, pigs, chaos emeralds, and Hyrulian crests – and received this batch of initial ideas:

First Sketches

How cute are those pigs?

But I eventually decided to go for number 19. Something about it reminds me of an anthropomorphic robot from some fictional world or other. Possibly the old Sonic the Comic universe? I can’t quite put my finger on it (please let me know if you can think of anything) but I just think it’s damn cool either way. Chuck in a Sonic the Hedgehog-esque colour scheme and you get this lovely thing:


I hope to use all of these shiny things as encouragement to start posting stuff more regularly. Hopefully as development of Yooka-Laylee progresses I’ll be able to talk about some of the cool stuff we’re doing. I’ve always been fascinated by developer diaries, so I’d love to write some of my own if they’d be of interest to people. No spoilers, though.

  1. Andres Gonzalez
    | Reply

    I just found out about your website and I am checking all the portfolio out. It’s so awesome that you got to work for Rare, I bet it was amazing!
    I am a student in Game Development myself, all the way from Mexico. I wonder if you could answer a couple of questions.
    1.- Do you have any advice or exercises for students who have a difficulty working with C++?
    2.- Do you think Playtonic may have an open spot at the beginning of 2017? I’m interested in working for you guys! 😀
    I hope you all make Yooka-Laylee the best game in 2016!

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