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On Thin Ice

A short game about the climate crisis, developed as part of the 2018 Climate Jam.

On Thin Ice is a short game about the climate crisis, what its impacts might look like, and what we can do to stop the worst of it right now. With the help of a time-travelling polar bear.

At least, that's the concept for the full game. The version you can play here is a prototype made in a few for the 2018 Climate Jam. It's more of a blueprint for a full game than it is a complete game in its own right.

It was the best ranked entry - across Educational value, Scientific Accuracy and Gameplay/Fun - in the jam and received some very positive comments from the judges!

Love the presentation and polish. It's also nice to see the science embedded in the game mechanics rather than tacked on between levels.

I LOVED this game! Such a simple but effective concept.  The mechanics of the game and the narrative sit so nicely together - it really was a joy to play and I agree....I see a full game in Nanuq's future!

I hope to revisit the project in the future and flesh it further by including, for example, mini-games that show what we as humans can and should be doing to limit the worst impacts of the climate crisis. Until then, enjoy!

On Thin Ice is available to play for free on Windows, Mac and Linux or in your browser via!