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Making sense of the world through writing. Or, trying to. Mostly essays and other long-form pieces, including professional work.

Critical Questions about "AI"

What questions should we be asking to make sense of, and respond to, the proliferation of "AI" technologies?

Divest Parliament (The Ecologist)

MPs must confront the elephant in the climate emergency room: fossil fuels.

What if video games could help fight climate change? (Wired)

Exploring ideas about what role, if any, video games could play in responding to the climate crisis.

Games for Change Development Principles

Engagement, education, inspiration, and empowerment.

My Changing Perspective On Game Dev

Re-examining how I got into the games industry, and why I eventually left.

Underestimating Climate Change

On the dangers of "climate gradualism" as the new climate denialism.

Doughnut Economics

Thoughts on the book, Doughnut Economics, by Kate Raworth.

What can a game programmer do about the climate crisis?

Exploring possibilities for how game programmers might apply their skills to address the climate crisis.

Brexit and Beyond

Reflecting after the results of the EU referendum were announced.

Rewilding the Highlands, rewilding the soul (Trees for Life)

Reflecting on a week spent planting trees with the Scottish charity, Trees for Life.

Poetry in Motion

Or what achievements and gaming backlogs have to do with Eastern philosophy.

Dear Rare

A copy of the email I sent to everyone at Rare before I left.

How To Break Into The Games Industry

Reflecting on the steps I took to get my first job in the games industry.